Stephanie Beiswenger
Stephanie Beiswenger
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
+49 7541 708-410
+49 7541 708-2410
Kerstin Moßmann
Kerstin Moßmann
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
+49 7541 708-416
+49 7541 708-2416
Stephan Fischer
Stephan Fischer
Coordinator Visitor Service
+49 7541 708-404
+49 7541 708-2404
+49 7541 708-307
+49 7541 708-331


Hall allocation

Floor 0
Floor 1

Rothaus Hall / A1

Clothes, shoes, socks, backpacks, accessories, fabrics, tents, climbing equpment, walking-sticks, rescue technologies

Hall A3

Clothes, backbacks, shoes, sleeping bgs, tents, travel food, mounteneering/ climbing equipment, impregnation, first aid kit, water preparation, accessories

Hall A4

Clothes, fabrics and fibres, textile accessories

Hall A5

Clothes, shoes, backpacks, textile accessories, fabrics, sleeping bags, tents, mountaineering/ climbing equipment, navigation equipment, cameras, accessories, "Scandinavian Village" , SOG, (aquatic sports)

Hall A6

Clothes, shoes, backpacks, sleeping bags, camping equipment, tents, accessories

Hall A7

Tent City


OutDoor Networking Lounge sponsored by Gore–Tex

Foyer West

WATER SPORTS AREA, DAV, Intersport, merchandising systems, software, publishers, job and business relationship market, specialist literature, Trade visitor registation,(sercive center), Copy Shop

Open air grounds West

OutDoor HANGOUT, WATER SPORTS AREA, tents, clothes, camping equipment, Slackline, OutDoor Party

Hall B1

backpacks, sleeping bags, clothes, hardware (first aid kid, rescoue technologies, care products, impregnation, navigation systems), accessories

Hall B2

Mountaineering/ climbing equipment, backpacks, rescue technologies, shoes, clothes, climbing walls, handles

Hall B3

Mountaineering/ climbing equipment, camping equipment, backpacks, travel equipment, tents, clothes, accessories, navigation systems, communication technology

Hall B4

OutDoor RUNNING CENTER, shoes, clothes, fabrics and fibres, texile accessories

Hall B5

Tent City

Passage East

Sport 2000/Outdoor-Profis, trend agencies

Foyer East

OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD, OutDoor BLOGGER BASE, EOCA, trade visitor registration, exhibitor Service Center

Open air grounds East

Tent City

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