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Couloir 750

Down Sleeping Bag

Award   WINNER 2017
Category   Sleeping bags/ Sleeping mats
Company   Oase Outdoors

The Couloir bag 750 is one out of 4 bags in our Couloir range • Focus is on user friendliness and easy handling when the user is inside the bag. • Everything from the center zip, the position of thermal collar and hood position adjustment and the overall shape has been developed to work as effortless as possible. • Hydrophobic treated down to prevent moisture build up / loft deration when used for extended periods of time. • The EN temp. testing is still to be done but build on previous experience we expect it to be approx. -14°C

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Price-performance ratio

Jury Statement

The stand-out feature here is the great hood and thermal collar. Oase Outdoors have obviously worked very hard to deliver this comfortable and user-friendly sleeping bag solution.