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Trends, sustainability and new target groups

Press tour OutDoor 2017

Outdoor products continue to prove very popular. They also represent an important source of revenue for other sectors. Fashion brands, workwear providers and discount stores are increasingly focusing on outdoor themes. The industry would do well to remember what makes it strong – its innovation power and its distinctive origins and inspiration in the natural world. On Sunday, 18 June 2017, the OutDoor show opens its doors to trade visitors for four days. A tour of the exhibition halls makes it very clear that combining innovation and nature is good for the future, as well as for business.

Arys: Urban Outdoor – contemporary styles, more than just outdoor clothing with reduced functionality

The young apparel brand was founded just three years ago in Berlin, and yet their story sounds typically outdoor. They identified a niche, started small and poured a whole load of enthusiasm and maximum functionality into a new and innovative product. Many of today’s big outdoor players started in a similar way. Arys offers an authentic urban look and calls its active apparel “Fusionwear”. “Fusionwear integrates outdoor functionality with cutting-edge urban casual style and minimalism,” says CEO Frederik Sturm. What really lies behind it? How is urban outdoor more than reduced functionality and toned-down colourways? Arys will be exhibiting the answers at Lake Constance.

Primus: CampFire and why it’s great to eat outdoors

The popular saying reminds what is important, even in times of plenty: fulfilling our basic needs. When you are out in the wilderness, food and drink become even more essential. After five days, even dehydrated food can taste like a five-course gourmet dinner and fresh, cold water is wonderfully refreshing. As everyone, who has been on a tough expedition, trek or trip knows, food can make or break the day. Primus has decided to combine it’s love for outdoor activities with tasty food – to make more days perfect. Its CampFire range is designed for outdoor cooking to do more than just meet our basic needs, it intends to make outdoor cooking an event in itself.

Sympatex Technologies: The functional fabric of the future – Jacket 4.0

In the nineteenth century, jackets were all about protection. In the twentieth century, jackets were all about protection and climate comfort. And in the twenty-first century? Twenty-first century jackets should make 100% sustainability a fundamental characteristic. Sympatex organised a design hackathon on this issue. Their goal: to develop and produce “The jacket of the future made in closed loop apparel recycling with no negative environmental impact.” The Jacket 4.0. “Closing the loop” demonstrates that it is possible to be highly functional, durable and modern. The jacket is made from a 100% recycled laminate, is 100% recyclable and PFC-free.

Dachstein Outdoor & Lifestyle: Woven fabric uppers and potentially new target groups

Mountain boots and trekking footwear are made of leather. Why? Because they always have been. This argument is outdated. The same applies to having to break new shoes in over long periods. It’s time for something new. Dachstein might not have invented knitted footwear – the idea originates in the running shoe sector – but they have made knitted uppers suitable for outdoor use. The result: a whole new standard in fit and function (Spürsinn EVO model). So how outdoor is this footwear? How do the shoes perform? And how are they made? Dachstein will be showing the answers to all these questions and more.

Ferrino: OutDry in backpacks – and the trend towards waterproof packs

Ferrino, the Italian outdoor experts, have always been interested in waterproof materials. Shopkeeper Cesare Ferrino started experimenting with waterproof fabrics back in 1870. The resulting legendary waxed fabric was successfully used to make expedition tents for the next 100 years. Ferrino is now giving waterproof backpacks a new lease of life. Waterproof packs used to mean stiff tarpaulin and simple designs (due to the high-frequency welding) that were haptically uninteresting. Ferrino’s waterproof backpacks with OutDry® technology are completely different They look like normal packs, have the same details as normal packs and feel like normal packs – and yet they are 100% waterproof.


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