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iinMotion by Teiimo: New Training System for Endurance Athletes

Smart Shirt and Bra
Heart Rate and Motion Data on a Professional Level

Smart Shirt and Bra
iinMotion by Teiimo: New Training System for Endurance Athletes
Heart Rate and Motion Data on a Professional Level
Friedrichshafen, June, 18 2017 – In Friedrichshafen young technology company Teiimo presents iinMotion, the new training system for endurance athletes. It consists of a smart shirt or bra, electronics, and apps. iinMotion provides athletes with data in high precision. The garment with integrated heart rate sensor is very comfortable to wear on the skin, and therefore an ideal alternative to a chest belt which can be uncomfortable. The electronics unit is available in three versions: iinOne, iinPro, und iinPro+. iinPro+ has among other things a motion sensor and GPS und measures heart rate, heart rate variability, 3D motion, position, distance, pace, speed, cadence, step length, and balance. At the OutDoor booth (FG-A6/4) visitors can play the game iinMotion Challenge and experience how precise the measurements of the system are. The winner gets an iinMotion shirt or bra with iinPro+.
High wearing comfort thanks to new material and innovative textile integration
Teiimo has integrated the electronics in a way that athletes don´t feel it and enjoy the attractive functionalities of the smart garment. Thanks to new technologies and integration techniques that Teiimo developed, sensors and connectors become one with the textile. “They are stretchable and flexible“, Markus Strecker, CEO of Teiimo, explains. „Comfort for the athletes ranked high in the list of requirements on the system.“ In the textile conductors Teiimo used material from the German technology company Heraeus that were developed for the use in medical technology. They are used there in sensitive products as cardiac pacemakers. “They are biocompatible, high-strength, very thin and flexible“, says Dr. Hans-Jürgen Wachter, Executive Vice President Heraeus New Businesses - Technology & Scouting at Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & CoKG. “Flexible Elektronics are the future. Teiimo is our partner who can – as technology leader – translate our conductive material into a new application. iinMotion is a door opener for many future applications and offers athletes today a new view on their performance.“
Shirt and bra are machine washable. They will be available in different colors and all common sizes.

Heart rate and motion data in professional quality
The small, but high performant electronics unit is positioned on the body in a way that the athlete has total freedom of movement during training. The system captures heart rate and motion data in professional precision, stores and analyzes it. iinMotion recognizes for example if the body is in balance while running or if there more weight on one leg. Thanks to this information athletes are able to plan their training in line with their personal performance level and hence reach the ideal result – healthy and efficiently. “iinMotion monitors your performance and helps you see the line between healthy challenge and overstrain “, says Markus Strecker, CEO of Teiimo. “For athletes it will be a whole new experience.“ Communication links transmit the data to different display devices.
Three different models of the electronics unit
The electronics unit is available in three different models: iinOne, iinPro, iinPro+. All three can be used with the iinMotion shirt and bra.
Function iinOne iinPro iinPro+
Heart rate   
Heart rate variability (HRV)   
3D-Motion  
Position (GPS) 
Pace 
Speed 
Distance 
Cadence  
Step length 
Balance  
Live data transmission   
App   

Training management with app and online portal
Data are transmitted live for example to smart phone or smart watch. And in the iinMotion online portal there is a detailed analysis of the trainings data. The user can define which parameters are displayed. He owns his data and decides about with whom the share it. For example with a coach, physical therapist or with friends. In the online portal there will be a data base with running course established. There also plans to collaborate with coaches and provide tips for training plans.

iinMotion Challenge at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen
Visitors can play the iinMotion Challenge at the Teiimo booth in Friedrichshafen. They will experience how precise the measurements of the system are. The winner will get an iinMotion shirt or bra with an iinPro+.
iinMotion can be pre-ordered now at www.iinMotion.com.

iinMotion by Teiimo – a new sports experience www.iinmotion.com

About Teiimo: Teiimo is one of the leading companies for textile system integration in the field of conformable electronics. The young company, located in Gilching/Munich, develops its own products and technologies and works as development and technology partner for other companies and organizations.

Pictures are available for download in the press section on www.teiimo.com

Press contact:
Sabine Strecker, sabine.strecker@teiimo.com, phone: +49 8152 9652659

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