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The Oscar of the outdoor industry

The future starts here! Every year the presentation of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARDS is one of the highlights of the supporting programme at the international trade fair. Here in cooperation with the German Designer Club (DDC), innovative products are honoured and presented to the visitors in an exclusive exhibition space.  


Before the decisions are made as to the winners, Gold Award winners and Start-Up Awards, a renowned specialist jury assesses the products submitted according to specified criteria in a two-stage evaluation process. In the preliminary evaluation all the digital applications are assessed using a uniform point system and those reaching a minimum score are selected for the final. For the next jury session the finalists also submit their products physically so that the experts can actually put the products to the test themselves and assess these accordingly.

OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD Jurysitzung

Before and after the OutDoor the winners benefit from the wide-ranging communication services which draw attention of the trade, industry and media to the prize-winning product. What’s more, after the award ceremony all winning products are displayed online in the Award Gallery, where they can be seen all year round.


However, also in the retail trade the recognised label “OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD Winner” also offers the consumers valuable orientation and help in making their decision for buying a product, offering independent information on the functionality, innovation, workmanship und sustainability of the goods.


You will find an overview of all the categories, conditions of participation and all questions and answers on the AWARD at www.outdoor-industry-award.com.

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343 – a new record number of entries for the OutDoor Industry Award – one of the most important design prizes for innovation in the outdoor industry. Following a two-day panel session in Friedrichshafen, the judges have chosen this year’s OutDoor Industry Award winners. A total of 37 products were selected to receive an award. The judges were so impressed by eight of them that they were given a Gold Award for outstanding innovation.

Mark Held, General Secretary of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) and member of the panel shared his impressions on the two days of judging: “There was a key change to this year’s process with the introduction of an online pre-selection round. This also proved to be super useful in terms of pre-information and provided a more detailed route into the in-person judging sessions. Each year I find it quite exciting to see what expertise judges bring to the process.”

In addition to the EOG general secretary, the panel included Boris Gnielka, Editor Testing/Technology Outdoor magazine (Germany), Natasha Bloemhard, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Salt magazine (Holland), Bastian Wagner, Department Manager Outdoor and Mountain Sports Sport Gruner Constance, designer Ke Hai Truong and alpinist Tamara Lunger.

Once again, Messe Friedrichshafen invited the German Designer Club (DDC) to help facilitate the award evaluation. “This is our third year with the OutDoor Award. I find it exciting to see how it has developed during this time”, said Niko Gültig, designer and spokesman of the DDC board.