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On an adventure trip with the OutDoor - to support #itsgreatoutthere

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make such a difference. And that’s certainly the case with the little adventures hiding behind the trend theme Micro-adventures, which will come to the fore at the OutDoor 2017. They are based on spontaneity and accessible for all, even without any special equipment, and extremely effective for social media communication among the young target group.

The master microadventurer is the British blogger, author and motivation speaker, Alastair Humphreys, who first embarked on major adventures and expeditions over many years, but in the meantime has discovered the appeal of just spontaneously spending the night under the stars and the most unusual excursions right on his own doorstep. On the first day at the OutDoor Humphreys will be speaking at the opening press conference, which we will be broadcast as a livestream, and then again at 1.30 p.m. within the OutDoor BLOGGER BASE on the trend theme and its background in the Foyer East.

Live Microadventure at the OutDoor

If you want experience the spirit of microadventures yourself, you can, as an exhibitor, trade visitor or media representative, have the chance to do this during the OutDoor. We will treat 15 persons to a little time-out where we can enjoy an authentic adventure together in the nearby Deggenhauser Valley. Be a microadventurer and get to know the beauty of the simple things.

OutDoor Microadventure

On Monday afternoon (16:00), 19 June we will set off from the exhibition grounds with a group of 12 - 15 people and head for Deggenhauser Valley 20 kilometres away (about 30 minutes with our own shuttle buses). We will only take simple equipment with us, no tents. Once we’re there, we’ll take a short hike (some 2 km) to our destination with an outdoor guide, and then set up our camp for the night. We’ll cook our outdoor dinner in a clay oven and while away the evening together around the camp fire. After a night surrounded by nature, we’ll have an early start on Tuesday morning to ensure that all participants are back at the exhibition grounds by 7:30 and are able to keep their appointments.

Monday, 19 June: Set off at about 16:00 (meeting point will be agreed upon)
Tuesday, 20 June: Return to the exhibition grounds to get to Entrance East by 7:30

So take a chance at a small adventure with us and apply for a place at the OutDoor Microadventure Camp at the link below! You should bring your own sleeping bag and thermal mat with you. If you have a tarp or want to take a hammock with you, feel free. We’ll take care of the transport, eats and drinks and the one or other Outdoor tool we might need.

Support #itsgreatoutthere!

Sorry, the event is already booked out!

For the waiting list please contact Birger Dreher: birger.dreher@messe-fn.de.


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