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Microadventure: Making adventure easy

On an adventure tour with the OutDoor

The chosen holiday destination will first be inspected in detail online; new places will be navigated via Google Maps instead of with a city map and gut feeling… on the one hand, thorough planning and digital solutions provide a comforting sense of security. On the other, it is often the unforeseen twists that make life so exciting.

If you haven’t lost your sense of adventure, you’ll love the Microadventure being staged as part of the OutDoor. Come along on this excursion into nature – without elaborate preparation, without a load of equipment, without digital helpers.

Enjoy the suspense of not knowing where you’re going, for a change. Savour the pleasure of preparing your food with the most basic means. And delight in the incomparable feeling of sleeping under the stars.

OutDoor Microadventure

Apply now for a place at the Microadventure Camp!

When: Saturday, 16 June (approx. 3:00 p.m.) to Sunday, 17 June (approx. 9:00 a.m.)

Where: Deggenhausertal (approx. 30-minute drive from the exhibition centre) 
What: Participants will be given a brief tutorial on orienteering with map and compass. Then a cross bearing will be fixed and you’ll set off across country for an area marked on the map. Once there, the participants themselves will find the best spot for a camp. The bivouac will be built using tarpaulin, cords and material found in the forest. For dinner, participants can also find their food in the stream and prepare it in an earth oven. After that, enjoy sitting round the campfire and a night of sleeping under the stars. Next morning, all participants will have breakfast together.

Applications will be accepted from anybody aged 18 and over who has a big appetite for adventure. Participation in the camp is free of charge; numbers are limited.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the outdoor spirit! Together let’s discover the great pleasures offered by life’s adventures, big and small. We look forward to seeing you there!


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