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Partners & Sponsors

Joining forces for success!

Here is an overview of our sponsors and media partners and some background information on our partners, European Outdoor Group (EOG) and the European Outdoor Conversation Association (EOCA).

EOG Objectives

The European Outdoor Group (EOG) was formally established in January 2003 in Switzerland.

The European outdoor industry has grown rapidly over the last two decades, yet trade representation has remained solely at a national level. The EOG was formed therefore to act on behalf of, and represent the common interests of members within Europe. Specifically its mandate is:

  • To provide a voice for the outdoor industries ensuring an effective interface between industry and consumers, the media and government
  • To deliver relevant and cost effective services for members
  • To work with the organisers of the two major European outdoor trade fairs to ensure that members have the most effective possible platform for their products. (The EOG partners Messe Friedrichshafen for the 'OutDoor' show)
  • To facilitate networking amongst its members
  • To liaise with European Government on issues of legislation that affect the outdoor industry
  • To energetically promote participation in outdoor leisure activities
  • To help establish platforms of 'best practice' on issues such as the environment, sourcing and other areas of common interest
  • To facilitate relevant market research for the benefit of members

Members of the Board

The supervisory management of the association is by elected committee with a term of two years. The current officers are as follows:

John Jansen – Managing Director and Head of Keen EMEA

Vice President

Jean-Marc Pambet – President, Salomon SAS

Eddy Codega – President, C.A.M.P.

Board Members
Rainer Angstl – Managing Director Sport Schuster

Dr. Antje von Dewitz – Managing Director Vaude

Martin Axelhed – CEO Fjällräven International AB & Vice President Fenixoutdoor AB

Richard Leeham – Berghaus

Executive Management

To ensure that the association's affairs and agenda are driven aggressively, the association has appointed Mark Held as Secretary General. Mark has over twenty years experience within the outdoor sector and formerly held the position of Vice Chairman of the EOG. 


The fédération is open and enthusiastic to new members joining, but to ensure that membership is relevant to the aims of the fédération, there are certain criteria that brands wishing to join must meet.

If your company is an outdoor Brand and has a European turnover in excess of EUR 5 million and you formally trade in five or more European countries, then you are eligible to apply for membership of the EOG.


The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) raises money from subscriptions, donations, fundraising activities, and via its collaboration with the OutDoor show.

As ‘outdoorsy' types, we are an industry interested in environmental issues and protecting wild spaces; ‘Treading Lightly’ and all that kind of thing. Indeed, the great outdoors is our passion as well as our priority. Well, did you know that across Europe, an ever expanding group of outdoor brands and retailers raises money to put directly into conservation projects worldwide? In fact, since EOCA started in 2006, it has funded €2.5 million of vital conservation work around the world!  


EOCA raises money from subscriptions, donations, fundraising activities, and via its collaboration with the OutDoor show . Membership is open to any company operating within the outdoor industry, whether they are a manufacturer, supplier, service provider or retailer etc. 100% of membership fees goes directly into the projects thanks to seven Sustaining Members (OutDoor, ISPO, Patagonia, KEEN, Nikwax, Pertex and the European Outdoor Group (also its founding member)) who finance the work and growth of EOCA on behalf of the entire industry.

So far the European Outdoor Conservation Association has renovated trails in Macedonia, Scotland and Nepal; protected, restored or replanted forests in Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden, Spain, the UK and the Czech Republic; protected brown bears in northern Spain, red squirrels in England, snow leopards in India and the Altai Republic and orang-utans in Indonesia; and cleared rubbish from mountains and beaches in Europe, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan.

There are currently around 130 members of the Association, stretching from Norway to Greece, from Spain across to Russia. Conservation organisations, which are nominated by Association members, can apply for grants of up to €30,000 for specific projects – not an insignificant amount in itself, and mostly more than one company would be able to fund alone.

In 2016, to celebrate having put €2 million into conservation, EOCA launched an ambitious plan to plant 2 million trees around the world - to benefit wildlife, habitats, landscapes, local communities and the outdoor enthusiast. This summer at OutDoor, EOCA will be celebrating having not only achieved, but surpassed this target! 


As awareness of climate change and the damage man is doing to the environment grows, so too the importance of the work of EOCA increases. The more companies that get involved, the bigger the impact will be and the more difference the industry can make to the great outdoors that it depends on and which it is passionate about.

The industry should be immensely proud that it has an Association that enables it to give back so effectively- a model found in no other industry. And the significance of this Association should not be underestimated: €2 million put into conservation in its first decade and vitally important conservation issues raised with over 82.5 million people through the biannual online voting process. The more companies that join in, the greater the impact. It really is that simple.

For more information, please go to www.outdoorconservation.eu / www.eoca.de or email info@outdoorconservation.eu





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