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Ergonomic design supports health and wellbeing

Day Sunday, 18/06/2017
Time 15:00 - 16:00
Venue Conference Center East, Room Berlin
SpeakerDr. Kim Tofaute, Mirella Becucci
CompanyIDEAS Sport Design Network

In English

Health is one of the biggest issues of our time. There are still many people who do not undertake any kind of sport and many who do not even meet the minimum level of recommended daily activity. This has a massive impact on health and public healthcare services. We will be looking at the key role that experts and designers play in inspiring consumers to become active and in improving their health and wellbeing.
Dr Kim Tofaute explains the basic problems of our modern, sedentary lifestyle. Outdoor activities are ideal for improving wellbeing and health. But why is it that some will take part and others won’t? What are the barriers to an active life?
Mirella Becucci will explore the main challenges in designing smart clothes for a new, sportier lifestyle. We see how appealing designs combined with ergonomics can help motivate people to be active outdoors.

Dr. Tofaute is one of the most recognized experts in the field of sports ergonomics. He came up with an ergonomics concept for his doctoral thesis and developed several testing methods for advanced ergonomic function testing. He has worked as director of product development and since 2011 is an ergonomics consultant for leading brands.

For more than four decades Mirella Becucci has been active as a designer, consultant and technical expert in the fields of swimwear, body wear and sportswear. Her expertise lies in technical research, design, sampling and production processes – with a focus on performance requirements and socio-cultural trends. When designing garments, she looks at sports medicine and physiotherapy to come up with pieces that satisfy anatomical and physiological needs and enhance physical performance. Unsurprisingly she is also actively involved in special product developments for professional athletes. She is a frequent speaker at workshops on colour, materials and lifestyle. She collaborates with major brands in the body wear world with an emphasis on seamless technology and wearable technology.

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