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FjellGuard 60

Self-inflating mat

Award   GOLD WINNER 2018
Category   Sleeping bags/ Sleeping mats
Company   Oase Outdoors

The new FjellGuard 60 self-inflating mat has a special construction, which sees channels run through the foam fill across the mat and these are packed with polyester fibre to deliver a high insulation value while keeping weight down. This semi-insulated air mat construction with 180g/m2 MicroThermo Highloft in all the cutouts creates a true 4-season mat without any cold spots. The tough embossed polyester fabric is TPU-coated for the best performance and longevity. This mat also uses the new unobtrusive Peak Valve, which has the ability to control airflow direction to ensure easy and quick inflation/deflation.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality
  • Choice of materials

Jury Statement

A new type of hybrid mat with a special construction: 50% self-inflating polyester fibre-filled channels; 50% insulating foam. It delivers high warmth without cold spots for 4-season use and is lightweight.