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PrimeTech Stove Set 1,3 l

The ultimate stove set

Award   GOLD WINNER 2017
Category   Camping equipment
Company   Primus

For performance, oriented trekkers. Thanks to an effective windscreen and a pot with an integrated heat exchanger, fuel consumption is cut in half compared to conventional stoves. A regulated valve provides consistent power output when the gas canister is low on fuel or operating in cold conditions. The burner and windscreen design reduces the height and making this compact and stable. For added safety, the patented burner features a design that prevents accidental flare-ups if the canister falling over. The set consists of windscreen with integrated burner, 2 pots á 1.3 l – 1x ceramic coated, a lid with integrated colander, piezo ignition, a lockable pot gripper and an insulated storage bag

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Weight/ pack size

Jury Statement

We were convinced by this lightweight, performance stove. In particular, the integrated heat exchanger is very effective and fuel-efficient, and also makes the cooking pot much lighter than conventional designs.