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Nikwax BaseFresh®

Deodorises & improves cooling

Award   WINNER 2017
Category   Sustainable innovations
Company   Nikwax

Easy to use deodorising conditioner for all technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin. BaseFresh® revitalises the wicking properties of base layers, improves moisture management and thermal regulation. It also reduces and removes body odours, and inhibits the new build-up of odours. BaseFresh® accelerates drying, softens, refreshes and deodorises. Recommended for Coolmax®, Under Armour®, Lifa®, Merino and all Parameta® fabrics. Use instead of regular fabric conditioner with your detergent as usual in your washing machine.

Outstanding in the following evaluation criteria

  • Functionality
  • Sustainability
  • Price-performance ratio

Jury Statement

What a good idea: A sustainable wash-in cleaner and conditioner for technical base layers that deodorizes, softens and refreshes their wicking performance. And BaseFresh® is water-based and fully biodegradable.