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OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013 Awards Ceremony

52 prize-winners were happy to accept their awards in Friedrichshafen on 11 July, while eleven of the product innovations submitted were especially proud to take home a GOLD award.

OutDoor, the leading international show for the outdoor industry in Friedrichshafen, got off to an excellent start with a special highlight this year: the winners of this year’s OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD were officially honored on the evening of the first day of the show. Of the total 316 entries submitted from 27 different countries from around the world, the panel of experts judged 52 products to be worthy of the award. Eleven of those prize-winners even took home one of the coveted GOLD awards for their outstanding achievements in the fields of design and innovation. All the award-winning products are on display in the Foyer Ost (East Foyer) during the OutDoor Show.

This year, the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD was already hosted by Messe Friedrichshafen and conceived and organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH, Hannover, for the eighth time. Stefan Reisinger, the OutDoor division manager and a member of the Messe Friedrichshafen Management Board, summed it up this way: "The judges were very impressed with the high quality of the entries and the large number of real innovations. As the organizers of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD, this makes us very happy, of course; after all, it is proof positive that the level of this competition is very high.”
The panel of experts included Felix Bächli (Bächli Bergsport AG, Nänikon/Switzerland), Laurence Guyon (Escalade Mag, Sermano/France), Mark Held (European Outdoor Group, Zug/Switzerland), Alix von Melle (expedition mountaineer, Munich/Germany), Graham Thompson (Trail Magazine, Peterborough/Great Britain) and Frank Wacker (Outdoor Magazin, Stuttgart/Germany).
Entries were accepted in the following categories: Apparel/Helmets/Shoes, Backpacks/Travel luggage, Mountain-climbing equipment, Camping equipment, Sleeping bags, Accessories, Products with high ecological and sustainable value and Material innovations.
During the judging session, the panel of experts placed a particular focus on such evaluation criteria as the degree of innovation, design quality, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility, sustainability, functionality, utility, safety and trendsetting character and brand value/branding.

The Prize-Winners of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013:
This year, the experts judged a total of 316 entries from 27 countries. 52 products were selected as winners of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013. The following eleven entries were honored with a GOLD award for outstanding achievement in terms of design and innovation.
The GOLD award winners of the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013:
1.Trango Cube Gore-Tex - Extra lightweight mountaineering boot
Entry ID: 273-123968Category: Apparel/Helmets/Shoes
Manufacturer: La Sportiva s.p.a, Ziano die Fiemme/Italy
Design: La Sportiva s.p.a, Ziano die Fiemme/Italy
Product description: This ultra-light mountain-climbing shoe (1350g/ pair) for technical alpinism and fixed-rope-route excursions sets a new standard with respect to weight and fit by eliminating traditional stitching and using a unique over-injection design.
What the judges had to say: "The Trango Cube Gore-Tex mountaineering shoe is convincing thanks to its light weight along with the material used and the outstanding comfort fit. This shoe is way out front in terms of design as well - and really deserves a GOLD award.”
2.terrex SCOPE GTX - Approach shoe
Entry ID: 273-123998Category: Apparel/Helmets/Shoes
Manufacturer: adidas, Herzogenaurach/Germany
Design: adidas, Herzogenaurach/Germany
Product description: This athletic, technical approach shoe offers perfect grip thanks to the combination of STEALTH® rubber with a scientifically tested outsole design to provide an optimum profile for steep ascents, descents and easy climbing routes. STEALTH® rubber, which was originally developed for climbing footwear, provides significantly greater grip on rough and smooth rock surfaces, regardless of whether they are wet or dry. A newly developed shoelace with varying diameters makes it possible to lace the shoe securely and comfortably over its entire length. The Gore-Tex membrane is waterproof and breathable.
What the judges had to say: "The terrex SCOPE GTX has everything that a rock-scrambling shoe needs: it provides good footing, absorbs shock without moving the feet too far away from the ground - from the point of contact - and it is also equipped with the best rubber sole in its class for excellent grip. It is a great example of integrated shoe design.”
Alpha FL 45 Pack - Alpine backpack
Entry ID: 273-124316
Category: Backpacks/Travel luggage                                                        
Manufacturer:  Arc'teryx Equipment Inc., North Vancouver, Canada
Design: Arc'teryx Equipment Inc., North Vancouver, Canada                  
Product description: The Alpha FL 45 Pack is an extremely lightweight, reduced alpine backpack for ambitious climbers and ski mountaineers. The robust, waterproof N400r-AC2 nylon ripstop fabric is coated, laminated and taped. The Alpha FL 45 Pack consists of a large compartment with an integrated "roll-top” closure, which makes it possible to use the main compartment as separate, dry storage space. The rope can be quickly strapped over the backpack. Attachment options for climbing irons, skis and ice axes make this backpack an alpine specialist. At a weight of just 680 g for a volume of 45 l, it is the perfect companion for alpine touring.
What the judges had to say: "The Alpha FL 45 Pack alpine backpack is a good example of perfect workmanship. It is convincing due to its light weight and its successful design. All in all, a very good product.”
Corbie 8.6 mm - Climbing rope
Entry ID: 273-124274Category: Mountain-climbing equipment                                                   
Manufacturer:  EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG, Isny im Allgäu, Germany
Design: EDELRID GmbH & Co. KG, Isny im Allgäu, Germany
Product description: The Corbie 8.6 mm is the world’s thinnest climbing rope to be certified as a single, half and twin rope. The small diameter of 8.6 mm is made possible by a braided core, which is like a rope within a rope, to offer additional safety. A targeted choice of raw materials with an innovative treatment of the fibers improves their slide characteristics. As a result, the load is divided equally among all the fibers and the rope is able to support greater loads. Due to its low meter-weight of 51 g/m, it is the perfect rope for climbing tours that call for lightweight rope with best handling.
What the judges had to say: "The Corbie 8.6 mm climbing rope has a very small diameter, but can still be used as a single, half or twin rope, a property that makes this climbing rope really innovative.”
Beal Gully 7.3 mm - The lightest double rope
Entry ID: 273-124306Category: Mountain-climbing equipment
Manufacturer: BEAL, Vienne/France
Design: BEAL, Vienne/France
Product description: Weighing in at a mere 36 g/m, the Gully 7.3 is the lightest double rope on the market. It is also certified as a twin rope. Its extremely low impact force (7.2kN as a double rope) makes it the ideal companion for ice and alpine climbing as well as for mountain climbing in the most demanding of terrains. Thanks to the Golden Dry impregnation, the rope absorbs virtually no wetness and wear is reduced to a minimum. Unicore technology also prevents any shift of the sheath when the rope is cut or broken. The combination of these two technologies guarantees a rope with outstanding handling properties and great safety for ambitious climbers.
What the judges had to say: "The Beal Gully double rope is a great product: although it has a small diameter, it is ideally suited for use as a high rope and offers climbers a maximum degree of safety.” 
SlingFin HardShell - Tent
Entry ID: 273-124302Category: Camping equipment
Manufacturer: SlingFin, Berkeley, USA
Design: SlingFin, Berkeley, USA
Product description: SlingFin has developed a new method of setting up tents, the WebTruss System: it allows the user to first set up the tent poles - and then the tent or the tarpaulin. The WebTruss System anchors the tent poles so that the tent is easy to put up even in high winds. The HardShell tent is able to accommodate three to four people.
What the judges had to say: "The SlingFin tent is based on geodetic principles and is convincing by virtue of highest functionality and material quality. After all, thanks to its new design, the tent can be put up easily in a storm and rain by one person. Its design also improves the tent’s storm and snow load-bearing stability.”
Hakkoda - Sleeping bag
Entry ID: 273-124398Category: Sleeping bags
Manufacturer: Proway FS GmbH, Weissach, Germany
Design: Lestra S.A, Amboise, France
Product description: The Lestra Hakkoda is a high-quality synthetic sleeping bag using GOLD Reflect technology that has been thought-through right down to the last detail. The bioceramic material generates more radiant heat than traditional fabrics and provides for a feeling of greater well-being, quicker regeneration and more restorative sleep. Despite its light weight and very compact packing volume, the Hakkoda has an outstanding thermal rating. The special, close-fitting hood with its forehead cover improves the insulation properties. The Hakkoda is also equipped with flexible seams to provide for additional comfort.
What the judges had to say: "The Lestra Hakkoda is not only one of the most efficient synthetic sleeping bags on the market, it is also the first one to use bioceramic inner material to noticeably improve sleeping comfort.”
LYO EXPEDITION - Freeze-dried meals
Entry ID: 273-123974Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: LYOFOOD GmbH, Cologne/Germany
Design: IVCC, Zwardon/Poland
Product description: With the help of state-of-the-art technology and close cooperation with nutritional specialists, LYO FOOD has developed balanced, freeze-dried meals at a minimum weight but with maximum nutritional value - without the addition of any preservatives or artificial additives.What the judges had to say: "These freeze-dried meals are the tastiest currently available on the market. Lyo Expedition offers a delicious variety of different tastes, even freeze-dried fruits are available. All the meals are free from preservatives and artificial additives. And the packaging has also been improved: it is now resealable.”

Hydrogen Reactor - Portable fuel cell
Entry ID: 273-124425Category: Accessories
Manufacturer: Brunton Europe, Solna, Sweden
Design: Brunton Europe, Solna, Sweden
Product description: The Hydrogen Reactor (11.4 x 3.2 x 7.1 cm; 216 g with one hydrogen cartridge) is a portable hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell with a USB slot. Operation can be interrupted at any time by removing the cartridge and then replacing it to resume. In addition to the power supplied, the fuel cell produces only a small water-vapor cloud and a slight hissing sound. The cartridges can be refilled with the help of the separately available recharging stations. The kit includes two full, replaceable and refillable cartridges. One cartridge delivers 8500 mAh at an output power of 2.1 mA.
What the judges had to say: "This first portable hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell was developed for practical applications in the outdoor sector. It makes it possible to recharge portable devices when underway and can replace the many normal AA batteries that often have to be taken along and ultimately end up in landfills. Since the hydrogen cell can be refilled, it minimizes environmental pollution. A product with real future.”
North - Hooded down jacket
Entry ID: 273-124348Category: Products with high ecological and sustainable value
Manufacturer: Yeti GmbH, Görlitz, Germany
Design: Yeti GmbH, Görlitz, Germany
Product description: This is the first time that a jacket fabric has been developed from castor plants, a plant that is not used as a food source. "North” is a down jacket that makes no compromises. With "Next to Nature”, the Yeti brand is the first company to use nylon won from a plant source - a technology that was developed by Toray, a Japanese company. The lightweight outer shell made of plant fiber is water-resistant and the "Crystal Down” filling treated with "QuixDown technology” makes the jacket moisture-resistant to keep the wearer dry and warm, even during a heavy rain shower. 
What the judges had to say: "This plant-based nylon fiber can be used for many products in the fashion and outdoor industry in the future. The "North” jacket is a good practical example: in this application, the fiber is combined with an innovative down insulation that absorbs virtually no moisture.”
EXP CHLORINE FREE - Washable, chlorine-free wool
Entry ID: 273-124521Category: Products with high ecological and sustainable value
Manufacturer: Schoeller GmbH, Bregenz, Austria
Design: Schoeller GmbH, Bregenz, Austria
Product description: Before wool products can be washed in a washing machine, the wool has to be protected against matting. This was done previously for decades using methods based on chlorine. Because of the use of chlorine and its AOX value in wastewater, these methods are not sustainable. The newly developed EXP method does not use chlorine, but still meets the most stringent washing standards (5x5A). EXP 4.0 is now even suitable for use in the dryer. This new process preserves the characteristics of wool better. EXP is the only wool material in the world to fulfill the GOTS and Bluesign criteria.
What the judges had to say: "The use of wool is becoming increasingly popular. That’s why it’s so important that our industry does everything in its power to produce wool in as environmentally friendly way as possible. The EXP method makes it possible to produce washable wool without using chlorine in the manufacturing process. That’s fantastic!”
The judges’ impressions from the judging session:
"I really enjoyed the judging work. Getting into discussions about product innovations in heterogeneous groups with experts from a wide range of different outdoor sectors was not only exciting, it also led to some serious results. Unfortunately, it was not possible to reward many interesting ideas because the manufacturers did not supply sufficient information. In some cases, there was no information on environmental compatibility. That was a pity.”
Felix Bächli (Bächli Bergsport AG, Nänikon/Switzerland)
"I was very impressed by the quality and the wide range of the entries submitted for the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD. There are very many interesting products in this competition and many of them indicated a high degree of innovation. It’s not surprising, then, that eleven of the products were honored with GOLD awards.”
Laurence Guyon (Escalade Mag, Sermano/France)
"There was an exceptionally wide assortment of products entered in this year’s competition with very high-quality entries in all the categories. My fellow judges and I were particularly happy to see the increase in the number of product innovations in the Material innovations category. What was also quite remarkable: the judges agreed on virtually all the award-winning products.”
Mark Held (European Outdoor Group, Zug/Switzerland)
"The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013 was the first competition I have ever acted as a judge in and it was a great experience. The judging process, for example, really impressed me. The different knowledge and experience the judges added led to exciting discussions. And the results are very respectable: the prize-winners of the GOLD award represent an interesting cross-section of innovative products across all the categories. In addition, there were a lot of good ideas with respect to sustainability and environmental protection.”
Alix von Melle (Expedition mountaineer, Munich/Germany)
"I was particularly impressed by the high standard of this year’s innovations, especially in the field of material technology, which made choosing the award-winners a very challenging task indeed. But one thing is certain: the eleven products that won a GOLD award will raise the bar for product design in the outdoor industry. A good sign for the future.”
Graham Thompson (Trail Magazine, Peterborough/Great Britain)
"I’m impressed at how many exciting product and material innovations were entered in this year’s OutDoor INDUSTY AWARD. The range of product innovations entered is impressive: many of the entries feature even more high-performance materials and a lot has also happened with respect to environmental compatibility and sustainability.”
Frank Wacker (Outdoor Magazin, Stuttgart/Germany)
The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2013: The Judges
Felix Bächli is the Managing Director and owner of Bächli Bergsport AG, Nänikon/Switzerland. Before he got involved in the outdoor industry in 1990, Bächli first completed training as a radio and TV technician and received his school-leaving certificate with a major in economics. Bächli has been an enthusiastic rock climber and alpinist for decades.
Laurence Guyon is the editor-in-chief of EscaladeMag, a French climbing magazine, Sermano/France. Before she got into the field of journalism, Guyon was a professional rock climber and a member of the French national rock-climbing team. In addition to the French rock-climbing championships, she also won several different international competitions in 1995/96. At the same time, she completed her studies in French literature, earning a PhD in 2003. In addition to her job at EscaladeMag, Guyon also writes books on rock-climbing and hiking tours on Corsica/France, where she currently lives.
Mark Held, born in northern England, is the Managing Director of the European Outdoor Group (EOG), Zug/Switzerland. The organization was formed to represent the outdoor sector on an international scale by nineteen of the world’s leading outdoor companies in 2003. In addition, Held has spearheaded the EOG Association for Conservation since 2006, an organization devoted to the protection and conservation of wilderness areas, and represents the outdoor industry in the FESI (Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry). Held has been active in the outdoor industry since 1983 - among other things, as the head of Product Development at Berghaus and the Lowe Alpine Group.
Alix von Melle is currently the world’s most successful female German mountain climber, having already climbed six eight-thousanders. After completing her studies with a major in geography in Hamburg and Munich, the native of Hamburg headed the main office of the Bavarian Regional Association of the German Alpine Club for several years - from 2001 to 2010. Today, Melle works in public relations at Globetrotter Munich/Germany.
Graham Thompson is an editor for the English Trail Magazine, Peterborough/Great Britain. He also writes for Outdoor I, a trade newsletter, for the Country Walking Magazine, the Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine and for the Sunday Times. In addition, Thompson gives lectures on outdoor wear, equipment and skills at outdoor tradeshows and has photographs on file with Getty Images, a photo-service agency.
Frank Wacker was already keenly interested in outdoor equipment as a child - today, everything he does professionally has something to do with functional equipment. First employed in outdoor retail, he was involved in product development for the outdoor industry. In 1994, Wacker began testing equipment for Outdoor, a magazine published by Motor Presse Stuttgart/Germany - and has been a full-time member of the editorial team since 2003. Industry insiders consider him to be one of the world’s best product testers.
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